Many of my clients have been willing to share how they've felt about working with me. Here are a few of their personal testimonials, respecting their confidentiality.


A radical, powerful step forward

"I'd worked with various coaches off and on for 6 years; I gained benefit from that work, but still felt stuck career-wise. Melanie is the one who helped me break through crucial internal blocks in that area. With her, I steadily learned how to appreciate and nurture myself just as I am. Being gentle with myself was a radical, powerful step forward.

"With new clarity and a holistic quality of life upgrade, I easily attracted the kind of employment that fit my unique skills, values, needs and desires. It is so refreshing to feel appreciation, trust and joy at work.

"Thank you, Melanie, for helping me connect more deeply to my own internal guidance system."

From Chaos and Confusion... Now a Joyful Journey

"If you experience an unsatisfactoriness in your life, from subtle to severe, and you have the sensation there must be more to this life. Know that there is. Melanie came into my life at a point when I was experiencing chaos and confusion, both personally and professionally. Little did I know these perceived problems were actually pointers to my path. Through Melanie's inherent wisdom and guidance, a beautiful new journey has been unveiled for me.

"To Melanie: I am so grateful that you came into my life. You were/are truly a catalyst for my journey and I am forever grateful for you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you."

Returning to Creative Path (phone client)

"Melanie’s name came up in a conversation with an old friend when I shared that I had reached the end of my interest in my current job and was considering taking up a creative path that I had dropped over thirty years ago. Imagining myself doing this was like looking up from the bottom of a tall sheer rocky mountain with the peak veiled in clouds and the cliffs covered in snow and then looking down at my bare feet. How would I ever be able to start that climb with no shoes and no tools?

"After working with Melanie I can say “What was I thinking?” It was nothing like I thought it would be. I committed to working with her once a week and far from being the angst filled hours I imagined, it was a real journey for me of joy, discovering and uncovering. Not only did I start on that creative path, I am continuing on it today.

"Melanie helped me to confront my fears, open my heart, and unblock my mind. In terms of time, those weeks were a brief journey in my half century of life, but they have proved to be one of the most important experiences I have had to date."

Former Writer's Block Sufferer

"Through her keen understanding of the human mind and psyche, Melanie was able to clearly 'diagnose' the underlying causes of my severe case of writer's block and self-doubts. The techniques that she 'prescribed' helped me reconnect with my inner source of energy by grounding my over-intellectualizing mind in a non-dualistic understanding of my self and my interconnectedness with the world around me."

Software Engineer

"In 2009 I had an opportunity to take advantage of her career transition skills after an unexpected layoff at one of the many local SIEMENS offices in Ann Arbor. After 13 years in my current position I was adrift both professionally and emotionally. Melanie helped me marshall my resources and turn a negative into the opportunity of a lifetime. As a result, I have been happily working in a new contract position here in Ann Arbor since December 2009. I would recommend her both on the basis of her holistic approach and the speed at which she is able to obtain results. She has many years experience and I have already recommended her to my former colleagues."

Special Education Teacher

"Melanie helped me with a mid-life career change from software engineering to special education. True to her advertising, we focused on my life as a whole, not just my “abilities”, “personality”, etc., and the result was a successful transition. I have recommended Melanie to a number of friends and wouldn’t hesitate to use her services again if another transition was necessary."


Owner of an EFT Training Company, MS, EFT-Adv

"I am an experienced EFT trainer and coach, having trained several hundred people and led many dozens of workshops and groups. Yet Melanie has helped me use EFT to reach and dissolve deep layers of issues I am dealing with like nobody else. She is a sensitive and powerful therapist and EFT practitioner."

Ex-Depressed Client

"I've been at my new job for a year now, and it's going great. It's a million times better than the old one, and I can see why I hated the old one so much. I'm now surrounded by great people, doing interesting projects, and really looking forward to each day. I don't have ethical conflicts daily, I don't have passive-aggressive coworkers, and I'm allowed to make decisions instead of merely following orders.

"I'm designing sites, analyzing stormwater problems, and working with clients. Projects include sports stadiums, hospitals, housing, and parks. It's a lot of fun, and I'm really glad I made the move. I don't think I could have ever been happy otherwise. And since I'm so much happier and more confident with myself, I've even become a lot more successful dating. Life is really good now."

Human Resources Business Partner

"Melanie cuts to the chase. She does it with kindness and a lovely sense of humor. As hard as some of the issues have been, she has provided a non-judgmental, caring atmosphere to say whatever needed to be said. This is why I have always been willing to share very personal hurts and foibles with her and then move through them to heal.

"I recommend Melanie to anyone who is ready to explore the message below the obvious. she always helps me to get in touch with my true feelings and to feel loved while I'm doing that. She is a treasure!"